Let’s face it. Sometimes we buy something and get buyer’s remorse before the product arrives. It happens to everyone. At Edge Rise Firearms Distribution, we are here to help. Even when it means refunding some cash, our only goal is to keep you happy! Our refund policy is as follows:

Within 24 hours:
We place every order within 24 hours of receiving payment. Contact us via email at sales@edgerisefirearms.com within 24 hours (be sure to fill the following at the right hand) requesting a refund, or cancellation of an order, and we will be happy to oblige. No questions asked!

Before Order Ships:
A little trickier to pinpoint depending on the manufacturer or distributor the order is placed through. However, if you contact us outside of the initial 24 hour period to cancel an order, we will make every effort to cancel the order with the manufacturer or distributor before it ships.
***If the order hasn’t shipped, we will cancel it and refund your purchase. No questions asked!
***If the order has already shipped, then see below.

After Order Ships:
If your order has already shipped, and a refund or cancellation request is received, the following policy with take effect:
*If the product ordered is common, and likely to sell within 30 days, Edge Rise Firearms has the option to assume ownership of the shipment, and issue a full refund, minus any shipping costs. This is not guaranteed.
*If the product is uncommon, or determined unlikely to sell in a reasonable time frame, or if Edge Rise Firearms decides not to assume ownership of the shipment, then a partial refund(***) will be issued within 30 days of the request to refund/cancel the order, by means of a Certified Cashier’s Check.
***Partial Refund has defined as the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee (to be paid to the distributor) and actual return shipping charges.


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